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Fall is a time of warm days, cool nights, and nature’s amazing show of color attracting visitors from around the world.

For the church, fall means blueberries and the “Fayuh”!

The Fryeburg Fair, Maine’s Blue Ribbon Classic, is the state’s largest agricultural fair attracting more than 300,000 visitors for eight days of fun. The Far was founded in 1851 and today hosts more than 3,000 animals on 185 acres with more than 100 buildings. For more than twenty-five years, the church has operated a booth serving Blueberry Crisp which has become their largest fundraiser of the year.  More than 300 pounds of blueberries and hundreds of pounds of flour and sugar are just some of the ingredients needed to prepare the recipe developed by Dick Goss and Becky Mallar. Volunteers are needed to make this a success. 

Don’t miss the next Fryeburg Fair – Sunday, September 29th through Sunday, October 6th, 2024

Mark you calendars now and watch for details as the next date gets closer!


Sunday, October 1st through Sunday, October 8th, 2023

Once again we geared up for the fair and had many opportunities for you to help.This information will be helpful when planning your time to help for the 2024 event.

Bakers Needed
The work began Saturday, September 23rd, and continued until the trailer returned to the church on Tuesday, October 10th. If you like to bake, we started to make our famous blueberry crisp on Monday, Sept. 25th, and baked Monday right through Friday, Oct. 6th. The church kitchen started warming up at 8AM and we kicked it into gear at 9AM. The sign-up sheet was in the church vestry or you can contact Helen Goss at 603-520-6891 to volunteer.

Booth Sales
If you and/or your friends can help with sales in the church booth starting opening day please call the church office at 603-356-2324 and speak to Denise who is helping us to fill in the (4) hour daily shifts. It will be a lot of fun and a way to get to know people better from our church and community. You will be given a ticket and parking pass for the day you work at the fair, so you have time to enjoy the fair before or after your shift.

Booth Preparation
Helpers volunteered to get the trailer ready to roll on Saturday, September 23rd, by contacting Dick Goss or Denise in the church ofice. The booth and all necessary equipment will be rolled out from the church on Tuesday, to set-up at the fair. We need all the able bodies we can get for the move. Please be AT THE CHURCH at 9AM on Tuesday ready to load-up and roll!

Your Fundraising Team:
Dick & Helen Goss, Mark Schiller, Barbara & Fred Starkey, Jennifer Terry, and Gerry Tilton (Baker for Life)

With your help, it’s going to be another AWESOME year for the church at the Fayah!!
Hope to see you there!

2023 Blueberry Crisp Gallery

More than two weeks of work is done for another year which begins with freshening up the booth, through to closing day when “The Dream Team” ladies sell the last servings of Blueberry Crisp for the year! Bakers are busy days in advance assembling the ingredients to prepare at least 4 pans for the oven then move onto prep for the next batch. Hundreds of pans of crisp are baked every year to meet the demand and serve the “Fayuh” crowds! The booth is then cleaned from top to bottom before being tucked away for use next year.

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